Other Services

We provide a wide range of insolvency - related services in addition to the receivership and liquidation of companies.
This includes:

The Quick Overview: We are frequently asked to report in a matter of days when a business is found to be having financial problems. We are able to identify the heart of the problems as quickly as possible. We have found it vital to all parties, the business, the bankers and creditors - to move fast before Assets deteriorates further.

Monitoring and Intensive Care: When a business runs into financial difficulties, Bankers, Financial Institutions and Creditors are often faced with choice of rescuing the Company or appointing a Receiver who may be able to save the business.
This is a difficult decision and requires a careful assessment of the balance of one course of action over another. We have developed a service which involves diagnosing risk, identifying weakness and providing remedial action. Where required, we will recommend or arrange for the strengthening of Management which is often needed if the decline of a business is to be arrested.

Schemes of Arrangement: A company in difficulties can often survive and emerge as a stronger concern if creditors can be shown that there is a good prospect of repayment by means of schemes of arrangement or moratorium.